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Sarees to Intensify your Elegance and Boldness

Sarees to Intensify your Elegance and Boldness

What is a Saree?

It is a piece of fabric measuring anywhere from 2 yards to 9 yards. For holding it in place, a pleat-free petticoat (underskirt) is worn. The saree is then stylishly draped around the waist.

Why Saree Is and Will Be the First Choice for the Contemporary Woman

Saree is one of the oldest Indian garments. However, its charm never ceases to fade. For centuries, this outfit has managed to adapt itself to the demands of the fashion trends. Read on to learn why your wardrobe should have at least a couple of sarees:

Saree lets you grab attention quickly

Irrespective of where she is going, every woman wants to be the show stealer. Her dress should be such that would make every head turn in curiosity and appreciation. A saree is a gorgeous option that lets her be the goddess she wants. The pleats of the garment and the way it drapes around her body simply conveys sensuality in the most graceful manner.

The fact that you can wear a saree in several ways makes it suitable for different arenas of your life. In fact, the way you can be versatile with this garment is incomparable. You could wear it in the contemporary way and go to your workplace. The look is absolutely professional. By simply narrowing the breadth of the pallu and wearing sleeveless or a spaghetti blouse, you could wear the sari to a party.

If you are going for a religious function then try the Guajarati style where the pallu falls in the front. This look works best with sarees that have heavily decorated pallu. Check out YOSARI’s party wear sarees or Bollywood sarees. You will certainly find the one that would make you the irresistible.

Saree has the knack of accentuating your best features

Saree is typically a long piece of fabric and it is its USP. Unlike other garments, a sari does not have a shape to it. That is why you could use it to enhance your body features. Actually, the way you drape it makes all the difference.

Look at the photos of the actresses wearing this outfit, they all look stunning. Do they all have perfect figures? Of course, not, the truth is that they wear the sari in a way that would hide their flaws. For instance, if you have smaller buttocks compared to your bust, by wrapping the fabric a few more times and keeping the folds loose around the buttocks will make it look fuller.

Similarly, if you have large buttocks, you could remedy it by draping the sari a little tightly over it. Hence, you need not worry about the shape of your figure when you think of wearing this garment. YOSARI has a bunch of designer saris, casual saris made of different fabrics that will drape you in the most exquisite way.

Saree is traditional yet full of modernism

When you choose saree for wearing on an occasion, you cannot go wrong. If it is a party, you will rock in a shimmering fabric with embellishments embedded in different styles. Our party saris collection presents the garment in fabrics with sequin work, gota work, gold/silver thread work, and so on.

For wearing to a traditional function, a saree in traditional Indian shades will be a splendid choice. The best feature of traditional sarees is that they are highly favored by the elderly. Seeing you in this conventional attire, you uncles, aunts, and in-laws will surely appreciate your liking for Indian tradition.

Our selection of lehenga style saris in red, maroon, blue, golden, silver and host of other colors is worth a look. Our designers make sure that the outfit meets the contemporary fashion expectations of the modern woman. That is why you will find our designer collection full of new patterns, motifs, embroidery made with high precision. In short, with YOSARI, you will be able to achieve the magnificent traditional look with a modern twist.

Saree is so roomy

Truthfully, the comfort that a sari offers is unparalleled. The numerous pleats not only make the garment look graceful but also make the woman enjoy ample leg space. As in contemporary weddings, bride and groom take to stage and do a jig, in that respect, the sari becomes the best attire for the bride.

Check out the bridal sari and wedding sari collections on YOSARI, which is perfect for the fun loving bride. The use of both traditional and modern colors make the outfit look splendid. Moreover, with the wise use of embellishments, the saris shine with resplendent aura that an Indian bride truly deserves.

Sarees let you be graceful even when you are at home

The casual sari collection on YOSARI is replete with colors and fabrics of every kind. We understand that when you are at home, you need the fabric to be comfortable as well easy to manage. Go through our saree collection and you will find the best breathable fabrics in long lasting colors. With high quality guaranteed, the garments will retain their freshness if you follow the washing and care instructions. 

How is it worn?

Wearing a saree is no less than an artwork. In total, there are 80 ways in which this garment can be worn. The most common variation of the outfit involves tugging one end of the fabric on the drawstring of the petticoat and wrapping it around for 1-2 times. Then, pleats are made using hands, which are again tucked carefully inside the waistline of the petticoat. Lastly, the loose end of the garment is let fall over the shoulder or draped to cover both shoulders.

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