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Churidar Salwar Suits

Churidar Salwar Suits

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Churidar Salwar Suits are chic garments that have been a part of Indian traditional clothing since the Moghul era. The attire is a variation of salwar suit, which has the typical kurta but instead of the salwar, a churidar is worn.

 The name churidar explains its styling to a great extent. ‘Churi’ in Hindi means bangles while ‘dar’ means like. Hence, the literal translation would be ‘like bangles’. The outfit has a tight fit around the thighs and is several times longer than the average salwar. The fabric of churidar clings to the skin of the wearer and reveals shape of the legs - an attribute that many women like. The extra fabric settles on the ankles and gives the impression of several bangles.

Are churidars comfortable?

Although women who have never worn churidar before may think that the outfit is constricting, it is not so. In fact, many dancers wear churidars and they are able to perform freely. Actually, the attire is made with great precision, which allows for a little excess fabric around the knees. Of course, the extra fabric is not visible, as it may compromise on style. By purchasing churidars from reliable online shops like YOSARI, you can get for yourself a comfortable piece of clothing.  

Apart from being high on comfort, these outfits also score high on style. By wearing a churidar suit, you can look slimmer while those who are slim can look taller in it. Hence, for every woman this garment offers benefits.

Are there variations in the churidar salwar suits?

Yes, of course. You will find a host of designs in kurtas. There is the popular A-line cut, which projects a slimmer look. This cut looks fantastic with churidar. Next is the frock suit. Yes, it is the western frock but with several pleats that make the kurta look graceful. Undoubtedly, as frocks are associated with kids, by wearing a frock suit, you increase your chances of looking many years younger.

The collared kurta has a professional look and flatters body types with droopy shoulders. Many such kurtas have a yoke or a waistcoat, which up the style quotient and also do away with the requirement of a dupatta. Hence, for your workplace, you could select such a churidar suit. The V-neck and the round neck styles are also very prevalent. While the V-neck allows for a trendy look with its deep cut, the round neck with its traditional charm suits every woman.

Can churidar suits be worn in parties and functions?

Certainly, the suit is available decorated in a plenty of embellishments, which make it a gorgeous garment suitable to worn in a host of events including engagements parties, cultural functions and even weddings. Embellishments that have attractive shine like the gold wires, zari, gota are used on the fabric to make the dress appropriate for stylish parties. For making the garment more appealing for festivities, stones, rhinestones, beads, and pearls are used.

How to buy churidar suits?

Clothing shops selling traditional Indian clothing sell these suits. Nevertheless, by choosing an online shopping portal, you can save yourself the trouble of travelling through a host of shops and making selection. Furthermore, not many shops have the updated varieties of clothes, which could make you select an outdated piece of clothing of a substandard quality.

With so many uncertainties, a large number of women now opt for online shopping that they can conveniently do from their living rooms. These online shops like YOSARI (www.yosari.com) not only have a large collection but also an ever-growing one. With in-house designers, their range of clothes is more varied than the one available at brick and mortar stores.

Why is YOSARI the best destination for churidar salwar suits?

YOSARI is the online shop where you will find the best of garments at the most reasonable prices. Our collection of churidar suits is not only inspired by traditional design but also by modern trends. That is why our customers always find appropriate dresses for all occasions. For keeping our range up-to-date, we keep adding new varieties. Hence, with each visit to the website, you are guaranteed to find something new to try on. We value our customers’ preference for high quality clothing, which is why we always introduce products that are made of superior materials. Ranging from the fabric to the embellishments, you can rest assured that you would get only the best garment delivered to your residence.

At YOSARI, we care for you

We are aware how your hard earned money is important for you. That is why we put due attention in making sure that packaging of the clothing items is done appropriately so that your favorite churidar suit reaches you in the perfect condition.

We also have a 14-day money back guarantee, which every customer enjoys. If due to certain reason, you did not find the item to be the way you had hoped, you could return it to us within 14 days of its delivery and get a refund. Without asking any questions, we will return your money. In short, when you shop at YOSARI, you get the assurance of quality as well as responsible customer service.

Shipping of items is not done only in India but also to a host of other countries like USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Hence, it does not matter where you are located; you will surely receive good clothing items from YOSARI at your doorstep.

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