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Trendy awesome collection of salwar kameez at YOSARI

An always stylish attire, salwar kameez or salwar kurta is a traditional Indian dress. It is a two-piece garment comprising a shirt called kameez and well-pleated pants. The look becomes complete with the addition of a stole known as dupatta or chunni. The dress is comfortable and that is why it is widely preferred by women of all age groups. Moreover, the range of designs is so huge that this dress is always worth consideration when you wish to look stunning.

Salwar Kameez - A quick look

It is great news for women that though it is a single outfit, it has numerous variations. The kameez can be designed in a host of ways by creating dainty necklines, or by crafting rich embroidery around the neckline as well as on the bust as a yoke. In some kameez, light embroidery is used, which look beautiful as daily attire for office.

The salwar can be harem styled, dhoti, traditional Punjabi Patiala, churidaar or Afghani. All these styles chiefly differ on their extent of looseness. For instance, the traditional salwar has plenty of pleats running vertically from the waist until the ankle, which give it a loose appearance. On the other hand, a churidaar does not have pleats. The fabric stays close to the skin and scrunched up at the ankles.

What are most popular kinds of salwar kameez?

Anarkali Suits - The suits became highly popular after Bollywood actress Madhubala, as Anarkali, sported them in Mughal-e-Azam. The attire is simply elegant where until the waist the kurta is body hugging while it has innumerable pleats waist down. Its length always reaches until the ankle. YOSARI has a cool collection of these dresses.

Bollywood Salwar Kameez - These dresses are inspired by outfits worn by the actresses in movies. Try the latest Bollywood fashion here at YOSARI.

Designer Salwar Suits - These are specially designed suits for important occasions like engagement ceremonies, weddings, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, etc. YOSARI has an exclusive range of such dresses. Browse now!

Churidar Salwar Suits - They flatter every kind of figure and can be great for everyday wear. As the churidaar hugs the legs, it makes the woman appear taller. The length of the kameez varies. Choose your favorite style at YOSARI.

Punjabi Patiala Suits - It is the most common type with the salwar being heavily pleated and kurta being knee length. Get yourself these elegant outfits from YOSARI.

Pakistani Suits - Very comfortable and innocent looking, this dress consists of a long kurta with straight-cut salwars. Mostly, the kameez has some kind of embroidery work. Checkout the gorgeous range at YOSARI

Party Wear Suits - Ideal for every celebration, these garments are heavily embellished. They are available in all colors that one can think of. Find them is good quantity here a YOSARI.

Wedding Suits - Made for the bride, these outfits make the woman look completely different from other women. A variety of embellishments, stones, sequins and embroidery is used in their make. At YOSARI, you can get the best quality wedding attire.

What fabrics are used for making salwar kurta?

Almost every kind of fabric is used. If a fabric is too light or unmanageable, then it is used in combination with a friendly fabric. The most common ones are

Cotton: It is most sought after because of its skin friendliness. Moreover, it helps keep the skin cool, which is highly appreciated in the summer months.

Brocade: It is made of threads which are woven to form attractive designs. The fabric is rich and classy.

Chiffon: Its feel is soft and requires little maintenance. It can be worn round the year.

Georgette: It is light and is comfortable in summers.

Silk: It has a smooth surface with a touch of grace. It is typically used for making exclusive garments.

What are the embellishments and colors used in making this outfit?

For making salwar kameez appealing, many kinds of materials like precious stones, semi-precious jewels, sequins, pearls and artificial stones are used. Embroidery is done with zari, assorted cotton threads, resham (silk) on the fabric and then it is stitched into a kurta and salwar. YOSARI is the perfect destination for suits with varied embellishments.

In a printed fabric, this garment is available in splendid colors and in mind-blowing combinations. Traditionally, the kurta and salwar should be of matching colors. Nevertheless, contrast colors are also trending. Apart from making you beautiful, colors also tell a lot about a person's personality. For instance,

Red tells that you are bold, positive with unbridled energy. Red color in fabrics like silk and chiffon are worth dying for.

Yellow is for the witty personality whose childlike innocence is undying

Blue tells that you are a chilled out personality.

Green is for the outgoing and lover of adventure

Orange signifies that you are the trend setter with an eye for great style

At YOSARI, you will find an impressive collection of such dresses that will match with your taste.

What is the best place to purchase salwar kameez from?

Online shopping is the most reliable way of purchasing garments. At YOSARI, you can browse through a multitude of styles and choose what suits you best at your leisure. With no one to disturb you, you will enjoy complete peace of mind while shopping at YOSARI.

We have 14-day replacement policy. Meaning, you could return the garment within 14 days of purchase and get your money back. Never mind, if you do not reside in India. We provide easy shipping of items to many countries including Australia, US, UK, and Canada. Shop now!

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