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Get the Most Enthralling Gowns at YOSARI

Gown is a garment that can make any woman look desirable and chic. It is western attire and sports a variety of lengths. A one-piece dress, it has a fitted bust with the rest of the fabric flowing freely until the ankles or going beyond forming a ‘train’. Gowns can be worn in a host of occasions and today, they are widely available in their Indian avatars.

Indianized version of gowns

When it comes to celebrations, Indians are a way ahead than others with their shimmer, glitter, and sparkle. Commonly, gowns are decorated with patchwork made of glittery items like sequins, colorful beads, silk/god/silver threadwork, lacework, net work, embroidery etc. Mostly, the bust is given the most amount of decoration so that it easily catches the eye. Nevertheless, other types of gowns are also available where the heavy decoration is spread over the entire fabric.

Many Indian versions also have a dainty piece of fabric attached to the gown with several pleats in it. The fabric is generally shiny and set in place with an elaborate patchwork. It creates a mesmerizing aura, as the fabric moves elegantly whenever the woman walks or dances. At YOSARI, we aspire to cater to all women, who love fashionable gowns. That is why here you will find the best selection of this outfit, which will suit a plethora of occasions. 

A few of the most popular varieties are as follows:

Wedding/bridal gowns

In the west, a wedding gown is the standard attire for the bride. Typically, the gown is in white with work done with frills, laces, net, pearls, etc. In short, the dominating color stays white. However, for the Indian wedding the dominating color is the red, which is further glamorized with the use of decorating materials like shiny beads, gold thread/wire work, sequins, and rhinestones. When these materials are put together on the dress, it results in a gorgeous piece of gown capable of making the bride look absolutely stunning. Such incredible wedding gowns are available in a wide variety at YOSARI. Browse through the collection now and make a chic selection for the classiest occasion of your life.

Party gowns

Parties like wedding anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, etc. call for special clothing, and party gowns are the best for such occasions. These dresses typically have the bling that will make you stand apart. The decoration is mainly done with threadwork, beads, sequins, stones, pearls and so on. At YOSARI, our collection of party gowns is breathtaking. Every gown receives individual attention from our designers and that is why all of them are worthy of your attention.

Designer gowns

Who does not want to look different and steal everyone’s gaze at an event? Well, with designer gowns, you can achieve this dream of yours. YOSARI’s dresses are especially designed by creative designers, who after researching the current trends always come up with unique creations. Moreover, post designing, the gowns are given pretty decoration so that they have an engaging style. The designs are all original because our designers make them for our products only. Hence, when you shop at YOSARI, you can be sure of receiving only the original products.

Evening gowns

These dresses redefine elegance the best. The dresses have light decoration on them and they are highly recommended for formal and semi-formal parties. YOSARI has a cool collection of such outfits that would help you leave a strong impression on others at office parties.

Is gown apt for every body type?

Yes, gowns are one of those dresses that every woman can wear and feel confident of her body. In fact, with the huge collection of the outfit available at YOSARI, you will surely find the best one that will accentuate your positive physical attributes in the most attractive way.

A few helpful tips while choosing the dress:

-       If you have an hourglass figure, then choose a gown that would highlight your shapely waist and the rear

-       If yours is an apple shaped figure, then you should go for one that fits well until the waist and then flares out freely

-       For the pear shaped body, a gown that flares out in A-shape will suit you best

-       If you are a plus size, there is nothing to worry about. You should choose a dress that has a high waist, which will give your body a nice shape

Why choose YOSARI for gowns?

www.yosari.com is a reliable online destination from where you can get gowns not only for yourself but also for your mother, cousins, friends, and aunts. Our special collection of dresses is high on style, which would meet the style expectation of every woman. Furthermore, we have outfits in a multitude of colors and decorations have been used to provide every gown with a look worth dying for.

All our dresses have been showcased by models in every angle. It will help you imagine yourself in the gown and get the feel of how you will look in it. Therefore, with no confusion, simply delve into our exquisite collection of gowns and become the irresistible.

14-day money back guarantee and worldwide delivery

We value our customers and their decisions. That is why we have the unique 14-day money back guarantee for everyone. Yes, in case, for some reason, you are unhappy with our product, you can return it to us within 14 days of purchasing it and we will refund the money.

Our clients are spread wide beyond India. Exactly, we not only ship our items to addresses in India but also to a host of countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

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