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Premium Quality Custom-Fitted & Handmade Bespoke Clothing

Custom-Fitted & Handmade Bespoke Clothing

You’ve come to the right place looking for the best bespoke wedding dress, bridegroom matching outfits, me & mommy outfits, bridesmaid and celebrity style outfits.

  • This will be the finest experience of shopping bespoke outfits from Yosari.
  • Get the best custom-fitted and handmade bespoke clothing

Here is a simple process of SIX steps to coming closer to your desired bespoke clothing.

How to Select and What to Consider while buying Bespoke clothing?

    • Research for your dress& share

The dress buying process is very simple, it gets started with some research, when you get an idea what you want, just gather pictures of your dress design and style, select its color, work and embroidery or anything else that you want on your dress.

    • Regarding consultation and quotation

After receiving your email, our team will comprehend your idea and will share our suggestions with you, including cost, measurement form and time frame.

From shades, qualityof fabric, everything will be finalized only after your consulting with you.

    • Place your order

If you will get pleased with our quotation along with time frame and other details, you can place your order using the link that we will send to you.

    • Get samples

After receiving your placed order, we will send shade and fabric color samples to you. In certain cases, you may also get embroidery and other embellishment samples from our side. For meeting your expectations, we will send a sample dress having plain white color fabric to try out for fitting and work.

    • Approval process

Now, it’s time to receive color shade and fabric samples. Just select a right color shade for your bespoke dress and inform us. After this, we will dye fabric in your chosen color shade, start embroidery and all other embellishments are also done.

    • Receive your beautifully designed outfit

Now your outfit will be ready with all stitching work and shipped to you. Be glad and happy to receive your favorite custom-fitted and handmade bespoke clothing.

During the entire process, you will get posts featured with pictures of your outfit in progress. You will surely feel excited by staying updated with progressive steps of your salwar, sherwani, lehenga and saree.

What makes Yosari the ideal choice to buy Bespoke Wedding Clothing

    • Quality matters:

Bespoke wedding clothing is special and we understand the emotions behind it. This is why extreme care is given to the clothing from the initial phase. Bespoke clothing from Yosari, will last longer in good condition.

Since you are ordering your bespoke dress for next party or wedding, we guarantee that fabric quality would be the best and also in your budget. There would never be any complaint about embellishments and embroidery.

    • Price Factor:

This is the second factor when it comes to buying Bespoke clothing. By now, you must have visited a couple of stores and seen their prices offered. Comparing their prices with ours will show you how much money can be saved with Yosari.

    • Get all your expectation fulfilled:

You will never feel disappointed with fitting, color shade, embellishments and embroidery. Once you will place your order, we send following samples to you.

      1. Sample outfit designed in plain white color fabric
      2. Fabric sample in three shades
    • Embellishment and embroidery samples

For this, we will send small pieces containing embellishments and embroidery as per the design you have selected.

1. Once you get samples, you can choose an exact color shade, and touch and feel the fabric and also have a clear idea about the sort of embroidery and embellishment that will be done in your dress.

2. Try the sample outfit and let us know how you feel about it so we can stitch to match your body shape and your desired fitting.

3. The samples are available for those who place orders of above $600.

    • Know the Status

During the whole process, you will keep getting information related to the progress along with pictures. And before shipping, we will send you the picture of your final outfit.

    • Shipped in Time

Your custom dress for your special event will be made available at your specified time.

FAQ's - Your Queries Clarified

  1. How much time will it take to design my custom-fitted handmade bespoke wedding dress?

The complete process of designing, hand embroidery and custom-stitching to meet your expectations will take about 4 to 16 weeks.

  1. Will the Bespoke outfit be in the same color I chose?

Yes, You will get the same shade of color you chose. Right after you place an order, we will ship the shades for you to see and confirm. Only after that we will start working on the outfit.

  1. Is it possible to make changes to the design 2 weeks after placing an order?

Yeah sure, we are quite flexible and can accommodate additional changes but as long as anything is not already done. Otherwise, we can also suggest other possible ways to accommodate your requirements.

  1. Can I cancel the order, If I am not happy with the final outfit I receive?

Yes, you can cancel the order if you’re unhappy with the final outfit with our 14-days return policy. Contact us and we will help and guide regarding the return policy.

We would request you to share your feedback with us after the refund is made. It will help us to improve our quality of services.

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