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Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits

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Wedding Suits, find vivid collections at YOSARI

Wedding suits are very colorful and the dresses of the Punjabi brides are very special. Generally, the Punjabi wedding suits are in pink or red, enhancing the beauty of the Punjabi girls. The main dress is the salwar suit complemented with embroidered heavy dupatta.  The trends have changed and now Punjabi wedding suits include designer lehengas and matching jewelry. The lehenga is embellished with heavy embroidery and is studded with stones. The embroidery consists of traditional embroidery work form such as phulkari or zardosi work.

Punjabi wedding suits look gorgeous on women, especially on marriage ceremonies.  Everything on weddings is ornate and rich.

Why do wedding suits Appear Rich?

Good color combinations in wedding suits, the elegance and glittering shades make it appear really rich. Some popular styles of wedding suits include gaghra choli also with salwar kameez. The salwar kameez chosen as wedding suit is exotic and attractive. As there are many styles and varieties available at YOSARI, an exotic touch is given to the wedding suits. The wedding suits contribute a lot to make the ceremony very special. Now brides come in for metallic colors such as silver and rust brown. They also prefer transparent fabrics offering the trendy feel and lightness. The wedding suits appear rich in velvet and silk and during wedding these fabrics have gold trimmings or heavy brocade wok. They come in beautiful colors such a red, pink and maroon.

What are the Types of wedding Suits?

Salwar or Shalwar kameez, Punjabi suit or salwar suit or chudidar kameez, all describes the two-piece traditional dress. This is accompanied by a chunni, a covering piece.  The salwar is a trouser like loose garment and the kameez is worn as upper garment and the chunni is draped on the kameez. Salwar kameez is the main wedding suits and there are huge varieties available in the market. Some of the types include:

-      Punjabi : It has small gathering at the waist and comes with drawstrings or chord or elastic band. This keeps the salwar firm.

-      Patiala Salwar: This is worn in the lower part of the waist and has pleats at the top and is gathered at the waist lower part.

-      Churidar Salwar: Churidar is tight fitted with curls at the ankle. It gives a perfect fit and your legs appear shapely.

-      Dhoti Style: This is literally wrapped like any dhoti and offers a traditional look.

-      Parallel Salwar: This offers a modern look and almost is similar to trousers or pants.

You can find http://www.yosari.com/15-wedding-suits has abundant collection of wedding suits in all types. Look like a diva wearing one of the creative exotic collections.

What makes wedding suits popular?

The popularity of wedding suits is due to the advantages of Punjabi suits and they are as follows:

-      Convenience: It offers the key advantage of shopping at any time at YOSARI, the online stores, even at mid night. Apart from this convenience, the Punjabi suits as wedding suits offer enough room to move and this instills confidence in the bride.

-      Variety: Nowadays, the Punjabi wedding suits comes in many varieties or types such as heavy designer salwar kameez, pujabi salwar kameez, patiyala salwar kameez and more. The one that are wedding suits come studded with embroidery and zari work. The gold work glitters and brings a shine on the brides face.

-      Different fabric and colors: The wedding suits come in different colors and fabric such as silk, velvet, crape, etc. These suits cling to your body and enhance your figure. This is available as stitched and unstitched varieties.

-      Fully covered: The beauty of Punjabi suits is that it covers your entire body. even if there is styling, the salwar and kameez cover the best parts of your body, yet giving  a sexy look.

Specialty of wedding Suits?

The wedding suits kameez has become ultra fashion and now comes with designer cut and embroidered borders on the neck. The wedding suits have noticeable border on the kameez bottom portion or it comes with attractive floral prints, borders in multi-color or thread work. The kameez body comes with phulkari or bagh patterns, attractive zari with bootis work or fancy designer floral prints. The salwar is adorned by modern designs, floral prints, geometrical patterns, and has exquisite end borders revealing vivid patterns

YOSARI has full variety of wedding suits and it includes Banarasi organza with plain or heavily ornated kameez. The chunnis come with block prints. You can enjoy inspirational fusion fabrics and enjoy the purity and excellence of the latest trend. The Tissue silk, Jaipuri and Tussar silks Punjabi dresses the chanderi cotton salwar kameez looks awesome as wedding suit. The kurtis for weddings are heavily embellished with fancy beads, decorated neckline, lace borders and pearl work, all contributing to make the wedding parties and receptions exclusive.

How to purchase Wedding Suits

Wedding suits are prominent during weddings and are now available in amazing collections. Conversely, they also come in fabulous fabrics and designs, yet purchasing from yosari.com, a reputable online shop saves lot of trouble. This is why we have clients in India, Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

YOSARI provides 14-day refund guarantee

YOSARI range of fashion and fusion for salwar kameez as wedding suits are available online and is full of variety to fuel your imagination. You can find devoted Indian ethnic dresses at attractive pricing. We at YOSARI give you full refund, if you return in 14 days.

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