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Latest Fashion Trends in Wedding Lehengas

Latest Fashion Trends in Wedding Lehengas

So you are all excited and looking forward to the most important event of your life. You are finally going to be the BRIDE. Well, with this joy comes the responsibility of selecting the bridal lehenga. For the modern bride, the options are numerous and you need not look for information anywhere else because the following paragraphs will provide you with every detail regarding bridal lehengas.

Ballroom lehengas

Inspired by ballroom gowns from the Victorian times, this lehenga becomes every woman’s first choice the moment she sets her eyes on it. The dress has a definite flair to it. The wide base has a lot space for embellishments made from stones, pearls, rhinestones to dazzle every eye. This garment may be a bit heavy for most brides and they may have to lift it up while walking but the effort is worth the look that this bridal lehenga offers. Most brides look like princesses in photographs, and when they dance with their grooms, it almost has a mesmerizing effect on the audience.

Reds, maroons and vermilion top the list of favorites

Although the shops may be full of lehengas in different colors, many girls still prefer the shades of red for their wedding attire. The age-old preference has also caught the attention of many renowned designers and a variety of red wedding outfits can be seen on the ramps lately.

So what it so new about it? Well, the bridal red color is no longer a single shade. Rather, it is now available in a host of colors like wine red, deep maroon, vermilion, scarlet, berry red, brick red, cherry red, crimson, blood red and ruby red. With so many choices, the modern bride may face confusion as to which red she should choose.

Along with the variation, the designers have changed the type of embellishment used on the lehenga. Earlier only gota, gold thread and sequins were used but now the trend includes other elements like pearls, embroidery with shiny threads, rhinestones, patchwork and so on. Certainly, as the would-be bride, you must look into the collection of red bridal wear.

Sensuous sheer fabrics

The modern bride does not mind looking sensuous on her wedding day. This fact has brought upon the use of sheer fabrics in the wedding lehenga. The net is considered the best kind of fabric in this regard. It is comfortable and can be decorated with bling, as it has strength to hold on to the embellishments. The dupatta of the lehenga is mostly net with beautiful work done on it. You may wrap the dupatta around and let it fall over one shoulder like that of a saree or may hold it by the elbows.

The sheer fabric is also used in the choli. The sleeves made from this fabric allow the bride to flaunt her arms but not look gaudy. Short brides, who should avoid long sleeves, as it will make them look even shorter, could choose choli with sleeves made of sheer fabric.

Other kinds of fabrics include chiffon and lace. Chiffon lehengas are extremely charming and lightweight. The fabric is soft and full of grace. These lehengas generally have a heavy border, which maintains the fall of the garment. Lace is generally used in borders and sleeves. It could be of same color as the lehenga/choli or of a contrast one. The intricate design of the lace adds grace to the attire.

Heavy bling and glitter

You want to be the shimmering bride but would not want to look gaudy. Right? Well, for the modern bride designers have come with a variety of glitter that stops short of creating a clumsy look. The use of gold glitter is kept to the minimum while silver and platinum shade glitter is highly preferred. The result is spectacular. The bride looks like a doll with shimmering silver all over the lehenga. Generally, pastel shades lehengas flaunt this type of bling the most. It is best to go easy on jewelry so that the focus stays on the lehenga. However, you should not be easy on the makeup. It should have a hint of silver glitter too.

The royal velvet

You must already be in love with velvet. The fabric not only has a gorgeous appearance but it also feels extraordinary to the touch. Its rich feel is so fantastic that it almost has a dash of royalty to it. Its best attribute is its ability to snugly drape around the body. Hence, when you wear a velvet lehenga, you will be amazed to see how it gracefully reveals your curves. Velvet is naturally a soft fabric and yet it is very strong. That is why you will find a host of embroidery designs on a velvet lehenga. The colors that blossom beautifully in velvet include blue, purple, green and of course, red.

Keeping it practical and simple

Last but not least, a different trend is slowly gaining pace in wedding lehengas wherein the bride does not prefer to wear a heavy wedding trousseau. She wants a simple to carry lehenga that would allow her to be at ease. This bride could be seen walking around the wedding venue meeting with guests and giggling with her friends. Her wedding lehenga is straight cut with the dupatta wrapped around in saree style. Embellishment on the lehenga would be mild with a definite horizontal or vertical pattern to it.   



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