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How to choose the best wedding lehenga color as per your skin tone

How to choose the best wedding lehenga color as per your skin tone

Gone are the days when brides only had to wear red wedding lehengas. Now, girls have the huge choice of colors. They can go for pinks, greens, blues, white, ivory, golden, silver, and so on. In fact, with the availability of so many colors, girls get into a tizzy because they cannot pick the right color. Color of your lehenga should match well with your skin tone. It makes the lehenga blend in well with your personality. When you wear jewelry with such a friendly lehenga, you become the perfect bride.


How to find your skin tone

It is very easy to discern what your skin tone is. Simply check your inner wrist and see what the color of the veins is. Are they green or have a bluish tinge? Green veins mean that you have a warm skin tone while blue veins signify that you have a cool skin tone. In case, you cannot see the veins or their color does not stand out much then you have a medium skin tone. A majority of Indian girls have a warm skin tone.


Read on to learn which lehenga colors are there for all the skin tones.


Cool skin tone

This skin tone would blossom beautifully when lehenga is in the shades of pinks and lime greens. Pale pink and sea green would make you look like a cutie. Embellishment on these garments is usually done with fine threads of silver and gold. Use of these two colors ensures that the charm of the pastel shades remains intact.

If you like deeper shades then you could go for colors like peach, mint green and baby pink. For the cool skin toned girls, who just cannot resist the dark shades, they could opt for dual shaded lehengas. Popular shades include combination of wine red with cream or ivory color, or Prussian blue with light yellow. The combinations will not allow the darker shade to overpower you. The color you should downrightly avoid is rose red or tomato red. Even in combinations, these colors will not do justice to your wedding attire.

Medium skin tone

Your skin color is wheatish and you share it with many north Indian girls. Being in the majority allows you enjoy a host of lehenga colors, which are freely available. Choose any color that falls in the category of yellows, oranges, and peaches. These colors have the ability to brighten up your face and enhance the glow of your skin tone. One shade that will never go wrong is emerald green. The color has been a part of Indian culture for long and girls have been falling in love with it. The rich shade has a royal touch and looks dazzling with gold work on it. Colors that you must absolutely avoid include purple, beige, gold, and green. They will not blend with your skin tone and will dominate your aura.

Warm skin tone

A majority of women from east and south India possess this skin tone. Experts feel that your skin color would glow with radiance if you chose a lehenga in a pastel shade. You may think otherwise but simply keep a pastel blue or pink fabric against your skin and you will see how your complexion sparkles.

In case, pastels are not your type and you wish to go with a tried and tested color then go for the burnt orange shade. This color has the charm and the right level of spunk to boost your aura. Colors that you should not even consider include maroons, reds especially wine red, and neons. If you do choose these colors, you have to choose your accessories carefully so that you do not lose your personality in your bridal ensemble.

What if you are hooked on to a color?

It may happen that the color you like to wear may not be recommended for your skin tone. In such a situation, you could choose accessories or make up that would suit your skin color. In this way, the color of the lehenga would not have a damaging effect. For instance, if emerald green color lehenga would suit you best but you want to wear the golden shade then gold jewelry with emeralds can bring down the negative impact of the golden color. As for accessories, many girls choose umbrellas, flower décor, etc. in a friendly color. When they pose with these accessories, the photographs do not reflect the damaging influence of the color of the lehenga.

Now, it is time to buy the lehenga

Once you have decided what the right color of your lehenga is, the next step is to purchase one. Bridal lehengas are available in regular markets as well as online. Garments in regular markets may not be good quality, as there is no guarantee as such. Moreover, imitation bridal wear is rampant on the market, which puts your investment at risk. With so much of uncertainty, it is best to go for online shopping of bridal lehenga. A good online store like YOSARI not only guarantees good products but also ensures that you get your bridal lehenga in the perfect form. Moreover, the collection of lehengas is large with new products being added regularly. Hence, every would-be bride will surely find a bridal lehenga as per her preference. With the 14-day replacement policy, you could shop without any worry. Simply return the item within 14 days of purchase and get your money back. 



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      Laxmi Dudhat
      May 13, 2020

      Superb..! This blog is very useful for choosing wedding lehenga. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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