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How to look gorgeous like Bollywood actresses in anarkali suits

How to look gorgeous like Bollywood actresses in anarkali suits

Anarkali suits are ruling the fashion shows as well as award functions. Actresses are experimenting with this dress and they all look so fabulous. In fact, with new as well as veteran actresses choosing this outfit, they seem to be competing against one other. If you are wondering how they have been able to pull off the Anarkali look so gracefully then read on to learn the tricks that you should follow and look as elegant as they do, or even better:

  • Pay attention to footwear

Anarkalis are generally floor length. This attribute sometimes goes against women, who are short or medium height. The best way to resolve this issue is to choose footwear with heels. Pencil heels as in sandals and pumps look fantastic because they add several inches to your height. If you are not comfortable with such heels, you could choose wedges. The broad heels make it easy to walk confidently. The height of the heels could be as per your comfort level. The color of the footwear should be neutral and you do not need to match it with your Anarkali dress. White, silver, golden, and ivory are some of the shades with which you can never go wrong.

  • Choose pleats according to your height and weight

Pleats add weight to the garment. They also look beautiful because through them the splendid artwork on the garment can be seen. You will find Anarkalis with heavy designs. When you spread out the pleats, the entire design fans out, which looks absolutely stunning. Tall women can experiment with heavy pleated Anarkalis and be sure shot winners. For short and medium height women, the number of pleats should be minimal. A small number of pleats with a light flare will work well for them. It will not make them look stubby.

Slim women will benefit best by choosing an Anarkali with an empire waistline. In this garment, the pleats begin right from under the bust line. It adds volume to buttocks and stomach and gives a fuller look. Plump women should go for limited number of pleats and the upper part of the dress should cling to their bodies.

  • Experiment with Short Anarkalis

Traditionally, Anarkalis are always long and will only show your feet. However, modern fashion designers have now come up with a shorter version of this garment. Short Anarkalis look like frock suits but they have more pleats. Some of them have pleats that begin from the neckline. Short women can choose these Anarkalis without any inhibition because they do not make you look shorter.

The churidaar with a short Anarkali plays a crucial role because it is widely visible. In order to maintain the tall look, you should select a churidaar in a pastel shade. Most of the Anarkalis are knee length while some of them also end above the knees. There are also variations in the hemline. You could go for the asymmetrical hemline or the umbrella cut. Both styles look stunning and can be carried off with panache.

  • Drape dupatta gracefully

Dupatta completes an Anarkali suit. It is also a pretty piece of the outfit that comes embellished with pearls, stones, etc. Hence, you should never think of getting rid of the dupatta. There is a variety of ways you could drape it.

The first one is to fold it lengthwise so that it becomes narrow. Now, again fold it in the middle so that you get a V shape. Let both ends go over your shoulders while the V portion covers your bust. You could also relax the V a bit and give it a U shape. Many women do not fold the dupatta at all and let it entirely cover the front. The second is the one-shoulder dupatta look wherein it straddles a shoulder with one end in front and other at the back. You could also bring the back end of the dupatta in the front by wrapping it around the opposite arm. The look is easy to carry because you need not manage the dupatta in any way. Its popularity is high, as most Bollywood actresses can be seen in this look. The third look is not so popular but it is gradually catching up with the trend. In it, the dupatta is draped at both elbows so that at the back a mild U shape forms while in the front the ends of the fabric dangle on either side as you walk.

  • Choose the right accessories

Wrong accessories can destroy your look in Anarkali suit totally. Therefore, you should choose them with due attention. As most Anarkalis are full of embellishments, they shimmer with rage. That is why actresses always put on heavy makeup whenever they wear this elegant dress. Your makeup should highlight your eyes, cheeks, and lips. If your Anarkali is dark in color, then your make up should be equally dazzling.

If you plan to carry a bag then never go for sling bags. They are a total no-no. Clutches or small handbags look perfect. Metal clutches or the ones decorated with beads and gold work will add bling to your getup. In case, you wish to stay austere, you could choose cloth clutches or string bags (potlis).

Jewelry like dangling earrings and metal bangles always go well with the attire. You could skip necklaces if the neckline of the Anarkali is embroidered or heavily embellished. Similarly, if the dress has long sleeves, you should go easy on bangles. Otherwise, your look may become cumbersome.

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      Miss s salhotra
      Apr 4, 2018

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      Tina Merrill
      Apr 17, 2018

      Amazing post! these tips are very helpful thanks for sharing with us!

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